Kays’ Embroidery Service
Here at Kay’s Screen Printing & Embroidery, we offer a variety of embroidery service solutions for your brand and personalized promotional items for your clients to enjoy. Embroidery is extremely popular because of the level of creative flexibility you have in production. The craft involves stitching images, scenes, or decorative displays onto cloth or other materials. The process begins by using a machine with a needle and thread in order to create simple or highly intricate designs. Precise techniques and artistic sensibilities make the craft both challenging and fun.

What We Do
Our employees at KSE cater to an array of clients from many different markets. There is no job too big or too small. We ensure that all of our products go through a quality control process in order to provide you with the excellence that we guarantee. We provide our customers with embroidery services for a variety of apparel and gift items such as:


• Polos


• Jackets

• Hoodies

• Polos

• Fleeces

• Hats

• Scarves

• Tote Bags

• Towels

• Blankets

• And more!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Planning an event can be a stressful time. To make life a little easier, promoting your function with branded apparel or gift items will show off a sense of professionalism. Whether it’s a current logo or brand new design, our graphic design experts use a combination of stitches and colors to make your new promotional products stand out and get noticed.

In order to produce the highest quality embroidery service, we use a large selection of thread colors combined with top of the line technology and industry know-how. With this in mind, your apparel or gift items are guaranteed to meet expectations. KSE has decades of industry experience, and our experts understand that quality is everything. Through our embroidery process you will not have to sacrifice durability for creativity. Our skills speak for themselves, so let your newly embroidered apparel or gift items do the same!

Embroidery Basics
The art of embroidery includes working with the basic materials, such as cloths, needles, threads, and patterns. Other required items are also related to patterns, and many other accessories come in handy when trying to receive the desired look.

Before starting any art project, your masterpiece must start with a canvas. This is where the cloth comes in. A vast variety of cloths and other items such silk, cotton, linen, leather, felt, and denim can serve as your beginning surface for embroidery. With all of these options, clients can choose to go in a variety of directions and are provided with artistic flexibility to combine with their apparel.

Embroidery needles vary by the type of stitching, materials used, and cloth you choose to place your design upon. The needle length, thickness, size, and sharpness are all definitive to the style you want to present. When working with yarn, it is required to use a thicker needle and larger eye opposed to working with silk, which requires a thin, sharp needle.

Embroidery can be used with a variety of materials such as cotton, silk, rayon, satin, and other blended threads. Threads come in almost every color you can imagine. In order to enhance the embroidered design, braids, beads, and other accessories can be used.

Traditional designs, landscapes, portraits, lettering, numbering, animals, flowers, and nature images are only just the beginning when it comes to applying patterns. Often times, fabric is preprinted with a pattern; otherwise a pattern must be transferred to the garment. Common transfer methods include iron-on patterns, embroidery stencils, tracing, and options for freehand drawings.

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Our business focuses on having a fast and flexible turnaround time for all of your embroidery needs. Regardless if its a logo for a new company, a gift for a friend, or something special for yourself, Kay’s Screen Printing & Embroidery service will work with you to ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and design work that can’t be matched. Come in and view some of our samples at our Midland location or call us at (989) 837-1036 to speak with an expert.